Make Your Event Memorable With Custom Patches

Custom patches have many different uses. They are actually one of the most used promotion items today. This is because of their low cost, convenience, durability, and customizations. We can guarantee that our patches can provide you these four factors.

Custom Patches as Memorabilia

Did you know that patches are considered collector items? Patches collectors usually find rare military patches, police patches, station patches, space mission patches, motorcycle clubs patches, scouting patches, and souvenir patches for their collections. The act of collecting patches is called scutelliphily. You can browse our patch gallery to see some of these collector patches that would add to your proud collection.

If you have no interest in scutelliphily yet you want a patch that would symbolize an event that you want to cherish, let us help you create the perfect design. We can provide patches that will help you commemorate anniversaries, birthday celebrations, graduations, family gatherings, high school and college reunions, weddings, and other special events of your life.


Our patches are of high-quality materials yet they are very affordable. We use micro-polyester threads for embroidered patches. You can pick any color that you want from our huge color selection. If you want threads but your design is intricate, we offer you our woven patches. Our production team will directly weave the design of your choice without any backing. This process will result to a smooth and flat finish.

Custom Patches as Campaign Materials

Whether you are starting a new business or wanting to promote an existing one, our patches can help you establish your name in your industry. We can embroider or print your company logo on your customized patches and you are good to go. You may pin these patches on your staff’s uniforms so that your customers will be able to recognize and remember your brand.

You may also produce freebies with our high-quality patches and give them away at your product launch. Order now and we guarantee that your expenses will be worth it!

We recommend our dye sublimated patches if you are opting for modern-looking patches. Here, you color selection is unlimited! We can also dye the most unique and intricate image or design that you can provide. We know that you want a striking patch that would represent your brand and your products, and we will give it to you.

Custom Patches

Custom Patches as Identifiers

We also cater to non-profit organizations. Our patches will provide an identity for your group, club, association, or team. You can select any image for you patch. Circular patches are common, but guess what? We can also customize your patches’ shapes according to your design! We can follow the outline of you design to come up with the most unique shape. With our customization options, our design team could help you create the design that would best represent the purpose of your organization.

If you want, instead of the traditional twill base, we will use our soft rubber PVC to create a 3D effect on your design. This option will make your organizational patch stand out.

Custom Patches as Unique Gifts

Our patches are not only for groups. We also promote individuality through our customized patches. We can apply realistic photographs on our patches using dye sublimation. If you are looking for a unique gift, we suggest this option for you. We can print the face of your friend or family member on our twill base and then you may give it to them as a present. These individual patches can be pinned on shirts, bags, jackets, and caps.

Your design will be accentuated by our base backings, adhesives, and attachments. We have pin attachments and magnet attachments. We also have high-class plastic backing, two-sided Velcro backing, hook-sided Velcro backing, and iron-on backings. Our Velcro backings come with attachments to make it easier for you to attach and reattach your patches on your clothes.

Additionally, we provide borders that would ensure that the edges of your patch will not fray or wear off. You can choose between satin stitch and heat sealed. We can also apply both to achieve secured and elegant edges.

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