How a Good SEO Can Enhance Business Advertising and Marketing Force

In every business, Advertising and Marketing play a big role in sustaining and improving profit. Both large corporations and privately owned, small companies alike have their specific ways of reaching out to  potential clients– from printing out company brochures, to hiring media productions for television and radio ads, business organizations invest thousands (even millions) of dollars to advertise their goods and services in pursuit of widening their market and increasing their sales.

In order to reach out to their clients on a 24/7 basis, most companies, even those which are not web-based, have decided to turn to the Internet for assistance by posting their organization’s portfolios and uploading samples of their goods and services on their very own company website. The problem though, is that many of these businesses do not know how to maximize their internet presence. Most of them are not even aware of how good SEO can enhance business advertising and marketing.


SEO, or “Search Engine Optimization”, is a process of pulling in traffic and enhancing a site’s presence on the World Wide Web. Although television and radio ads are a great way to be seen and heard in the physical world, it is a form of general or Mass advertising. There is nothing wrong with Mass Advertising, however, increase in potential market is not always guaranteed as, taken from the term itself (“mass”), this type of advertising does not target any “specific” viewer.

Imagine your business investing thousands of dollars for a television ad.  The networks may promise to air your advertisement consistently on certain times lots, but how sure are you that your target audience will be able to see it? Most television viewers and radio listeners tend to go on network station-hopping during commercial breaks. Meanwhile, you are paying a few hundred dollars for your Info- tech department to maintain a company website which, not even your existing clients would have known about, if it wasn’t printed on your business card or company letter head.

While this is a common Advertising set up for a lot of non- web based companies, not all businesses, particularly the small, privately owned ones, can afford to dole out that much budget, only to achieve half-baked marketing results. This is where SEO deviates from general advertising. An efficient SEO can improve a company website’s virtual presence and reach out to a specific target market. “Specificity” is the key to increase the rate of relevant Advertising visibility. SEO can enhance business advertising by fusing the basics of Target Market Segmentation and Keyword Optimization to pull in the right Audience Traffic for your business.

For example, your organization is a Corporate Consultancy Agency and you have a website containing a list of your services and rates. Your hired SEO consultant will then work on matching the content of your website with different search engines. This will target online users who may be searching for the same kind of services and rates your business offers. In this way, you don’t just blindly spend on advertising fees. Your business organization, in partnership with your selected SEO consultant of choice, targets online users who may be “searching” for you. In short, you put your services out there in the form of a clear and specific web content and your SEO consultant will help your audience “find” you.

However, before you start contacting a random SEO agency, there are a few things you must take note of – firstly, your organization’s Time Frame and Target Result Considerations, and secondly, the Legitimacy of your selected SEO agency.


Like any other marketing and advertising strategy, utilization of SEO may take some time before results begin to make itself apparent. If you are concerned about reaching a selected number of page views within a certain amount of time, it is crucial that you discuss your company’s target time frame and number of website hits with your SEO agency. In this way, they may work out with you all the specific strategies which can help you attain your desired results.

It will also help if you pay attention to the other services that your SEO provider can possibly offer to your organization. Some SEO agencies offer Content Development, SEO training, and even full Online Advertising Management packages. Take note of the services that you think will enhance the specific search optimization needs of your business. This can save you time and maximize your utilization of Advertising and Info tech Budget Allocation in the long-run.


If you type down “SEO companies” on any search engine, you might be overwhelmed by the different agency names that would appear on your Search Results page. Be careful about entertaining and hiring scam agencies. Before applying for the services of a particular SEO agency, conduct an initial background- checking on its company history. Be sure to read about how old this agency is, who have been its previous clients, and if it has ever had clients from your business industry.

seo agencyYou may ask the SEO agency personally about these background matters. However, before you take their word for it, be sure to read about reviews from its previous customers and weigh both the positive and negative comments mentioned about their services. A trust- worthy SEO agency should be able to provide you answers for your background-checking questions which aligns with the positive reviews claimed by their previous satisfied clients.

As a final note, while good SEO can definitely enhance business advertising, always remember that a company-client relationship is a form of partnership. It is crucial for both parties to maintain cooperation and consistent communication throughout the entire search optimization endeavor to attain desirable and solid statistical results.